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Rationally Smiling Obesity

Book your hotel from your lap

When you are about to travel there is a lot of things that has to be remembered. One of those things is the hotel booking system. When a person is going to travel and going to do it for real one really say that you should book a long time ahead to not be without the hotel. I believe that it should be a pleasure for everybody to travel with lea sure and luxury and in that way use the five star hotels that cannot be anything but super exclusive. I believe that when a person get of the ...


We will have to update our corporate branding. Because we haven't done that for ages. We will hire a PR consult. And have a couple of brainstorm session. To see what we have to do an forgot to do the past years. I already arrange a big budget. It was not easy to convince our CEO. But I did it. So after all session we will start a new campaign. Probably we will start with advertisement in some magazines. But maybe we will even come with a short promotion film. That we can use on our yearly business fair in ...